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Man arrested for stabbing ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend

Sometimes after a break-up, strong feelings for the other person remain. That can make it hard to see that person with someone new. It must have been especially difficult for a Salt Lake City man because he got involved in a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend. He was then arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery.

According to reports, police responded to a call of two men fighting in the street near the intersection of 800 South and Jeremy Street. When police arrived, one man ran; the other left behind with several non-threatening stab wounds to his abdomen, arm and leg. Apparently, the two men were fighting over a woman. They found the man who fled on foot hiding nearby and was being held on $1,500 bail.

Former BYU football star arrested for assault

Every marriage experiences conflict and disagreements. Sometimes those disagreements become so heated that the situation becomes violent. Spouses should never resort to violence with each other, but these things do happen. Such was the case for an ex-BYU football star, Gordon Hudson, who was arrested on aggravated assault charges last week at his home in Layton.

Gordon Hudson played for BYU and had much success as a tight-end. He now resides in Layton, Utah with his wife and three step-children. According to reports, police responded to a call at Hudson's home related to a domestic disturbance. Hudson was not at the residence when the police arrived, however they were told that an argument had occurred between Hudson and his wife, when his 23-year-old stepson intervened.

Utah woman claims meth was birthday gift

A person afflicted with drug addiction can undergo serious mental and physical effects. Drugs can affect every aspect of a person's personality and health, including common sense. Such loss of sense seems to have happened to a woman who was arrested by Utah police. She has now been charged with several drug crimes.

The woman was arrested and later charged with several drug crimes when she attempted to buy methamphetamine from an off-duty police officer. She told the police officer that the meth was a birthday gift for her sister. She also displayed a glass pipe to the officer that the woman later claimed she was holding for a friend. She was booked at the Utah County Jail.

Fight at Utah State Prison leaves inmate with stab wounds

State prisons house all types of inmates convicted of various crimes. These prisoners are serving restitution for their crimes but this does not mean that they are exempt from protection of laws that regular citizens are granted. Within prisons themselves there can be aggressive inmates and even violent gang activity. Such was the case at a Utah State Prison where an inmate suffered stab wounds after an alleged gang-related fight broke out.

The Utah State Prison in Draper suffered a gang-related brawl resulting in the lockdown of the prison last week. The Wasatch Facility, where the fight broke out, is home to 4,300 inmates. An employee of the prison found herself in the middle of an 11-man skirmish that left two inmates with stab wounds and blunt force trauma wounds. They were hospitalized for their injuries while the remaining inmates involved in the fight suffered only bumps and bruises.

A Salt Lake City bar dispute results in gunfire

Bars and nightclubs often become the scenes of violent incidences. Sometimes this is directly due to the availability of alcohol on premise or because these are the only business' in town open so late at night. Last week, a Salt Lake City bar became the scene of violent act when a man allegedly fired his handgun into the air. The handgun was discharged during a dispute with a bar employee and the suspect is now facing charges for felony crimes.

Police responded to a 911 call at Bar-X tavern at 155 E. 200 South in Salt Lake City. According to police reports, the man allegedly shouted threats at a bar employee, discharged the gun once into the air and then took off on his bicycle.

Aggravated assault suspect arrested in Salt Lake City

Like the rest of the country, in Utah domestic disputes ending in aggravated assault are common. When arguments become violent it can leave permanent negative physical and mental effects. A woman was allegedly subjected to aggravated assault by the father of her child. This man was later arrested by the Salt Lake City Metro Gang Unit.

According to police reports, the suspect allegedly drove the woman to a parking lot. There he supposedly punched her repeatedly in the face, slammed her head into the windshield, cut her hair with scissors and then strangled her with a cell phone charging cord until she lost consciousness.

Man arrested near Salt Lake City school for alleged drug crimes

Drug users have to procure their drugs from a source, and it is not unusual for a local dealer to distribute drugs to users within the community. One such alleged drug dealer was arrested near a Salt Lake City school in a "drug free zone" and was found with several quantities and types of illegal drugs in his possession. He now faces felony charges for drug crimes.

As law enforcement looked on, a 22-year-old man allegedly provided several people with illegal drugs last week. How the alleged exchange occurred is called a "grab bag" - several people reached into the accused man's knapsack in order to procure controlled substances. When the police intervened, they discovered various amounts of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana in the suspect's knapsack. Other drug paraphernalia was also discovered in the suspect's possession.

Utah man out on bail arrested for drug possession

Drug use is a widespread problem across the nation with devastating consequences. When a suspect of a drug crime finds themselves out on bail, it is typically best-advised to await the upcoming trial quietly. This means no additional encounters with law enforcement before the trial. However, ometimes the path can once again lead astray and if arrested while out on bail, a suspect can face serious charges. Such is the case of a recent arrest in Utah. Last week a Utah man was arrested while out on bail and is facing drug charges.

According to Sevier County Sherriff's Office and Richfield City Police, a suspect who was arrested while out on felony bail for meth possession now faces charges of possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two Utah teens face charges in classmate's accidental homicide

While the Second Amendment to the Constitution gives all Americans the "right to bear arms," there are potential unforeseen and unintended consequences attached to firearms. Every year, Americans fall victim to accidental death and homicide involving firearms. Tragically, such was the case of a Utah high school student last week.

Last week, a group of friends had gathered at a friend's home when the accused pulled out a firearm to show the group. That teen is charged with felony receiving property and misdemeanor reckless endangerment. As the group was looking at the gun, it went off, and a single gunshot to the head killed their friend and classmate. The teen who accidentally fired the gun insists he didn't know the gun was loaded. He is being charged with felony receiving stolen property and misdemeanor negligent homicide. The gun was obtained by the accused who claims he got it from someone who stole it from a home, which was later confirmed by Utah police.

Former Utah teacher denied case dismissal for rape charges

The law of attraction seems to have no rhyme or reason - many people claim that in instances of relationships with a spread in ages that "age is only a number." However, there may be state laws that govern the relationships between adults and minors. The age of consent is defined as the age that a person can legally consent to marriage or, more pertinent to a recent case involving a former Utah teacher, the age that a person can consent to sexual intercourse.

Recently, three charges of first-degree felony rape and one count of first-degree forcible felony sodomy were brought against a former teacher in Utah. At the time of the supposed crime, the accused woman was the teacher of a 16-year-old boy who the prosecution claims is the victim of felony rape. The defense attorney claimed that the case should be dismissed since during the preliminary hearing, the prosecution failed to prove that the accused held a position of trust or that she exercised "undue influence" over the student. To support this, the defense used past testimony of the boy in which he claimed that his "ultimate goal" was to have sex with the accused. This testimony could have lead to the conclusion that the student was the aggressor in this situation, which could have proven that there was legal consent to the sexual intercourse. However, after hearing the defense, the judge in this case denied the motion to dismiss the various charges. Because of this dismissal, a trial is set to begin later in the summer.

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